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Carlo E.D. Riboldi was born in Milan, Italy in 1983. He got a Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering cum laude in 2005 from Politecnico di Milano, with a thesis on combustion chamber design for small turbofan engines (with prof. Luciano Galfetti). He graduated with a Master in Aeronautical Engineering cum laude in 2008 from Politecnico di Milano, with a thesis on individual pitch control laws and related observation technologies for horizontal-axis wind turbines (with prof. Carlo L. Bottasso). He completed a post-graduate 1-year master course on Airport Management in 2009, offered by the Politecnico di Milano and the major airport management company SEA Aeroporti Milano.

He obtained a Ph.D. with merit from Politecnico di Milano in March 2012, with a thesis on advanced control laws and control-enabling technologies for wind turbines (with prof. Carlo L. Bottasso).

He started to carry out teaching activities in 2011 at his alma mater, being tasked with the exercise sessions of the course of Flight Mechanics (prof. Marco Borri), and since the following year with the design laboratories of the course of Design of Wind Turbines (prof. Carlo L. Bottasso, later prof. Alessandro Croce). He has been responsible for the laboratories of the course of Aircraft Design (prof. Lorenzo Trainelli) from 2013 to 2022. In 2016 he led the exercise sessions for the course of Introduction to Flight (prof. Luigi Vigevano).

Since 2015 he is lecturing in Flight Mechanics (undergraduate), since 2020 also in Airplane Performance and Dynamics (graduate), and since 2023 in Laboratory of Aircraft Design (graduate).

In the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of the Politecnico di Milano university, he is associate professor, vice-director of the specializing master in Fundamentals of the Air Transport System, and member of the board of the PhD program in Aerospace Engineering.

His research interests include novel methodologies for aircraft design, optimal design methods for aircraft with novel propulsion systems, dynamics modeling of flying systems (rotorcraft, fixed-wing aircraft and airships), simulation of interacting flying systems, control system design for flying craft and wind turbines, and control-enabling technologies (observers, control/sensor chain interaction).

He has authored a scientific book on flight dynamics, and more than sixty journal and conference papers in his research fields, attending several scientific conferences both in Italy and abroad.

He got a private pilot’s license for aircraft in February 2013, and he currently flies on single-propeller aircraft in the general aviation category. He holds also a current license for advanced ultralight aircraft. He has a strong interest in military history and strategy.

You can download the full curriculum vitae here.


Department of Aerospace Science and Technology – Politecnico di Milano

Building B12 — via La Masa, 34 — 20156 Milano – Italy

Tel.: +39 02 2399 8342

E-Mail: carlo.riboldi@polimi.it

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